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What's Included?

  • Registered Address and Agent
  • Company Secretarial Maintenance
  • Government fees
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Appointment of First Directors
  • Consent Actions of the Board of Directors
  • Share Certificates
  • Register of Directors and Members
  • Company Seal

Incorporate Dubai RAK Offshore Company

(Renewed yearly. Year 2 Price onwards £1,499.00)

First Year Only


  • Working with

  • Sagepay secured
  • Barcylas offshore bank accounts
  • Verified by Visa
  • Verified by Visa
  • Belize Offshore Bank
  • HSBC Hong Kong
  • BMI Offshore Bank
  • FBME Bank
  • Rietumu
  • Standard Charter

Dubai Background

The key business operating and financial facts regarding incorpating your company in Dubai offshore jurisdiction

The Jurisdiction

Dubaia strategic location has long been important as a trading centre. However, Dubai today is a western style global business and cultural centre with tourism, real estate and financial services driving its growth and prosperity. It has a wide variety of unique high rise buildings, hotels and resorts, shopping malls, sporting centres and man-made islands such as the Palms and the recently opened Atlantis resort. The impressive Buri Khalifa is currently the world’s tallest building. Many thousands of people visit Dubai annually for business and leisure, and wonder at this city built from the desert.

Dubai has excellent political stability giving offshore companies great confidence to settle their businesses there. The laws of Dubai are Federal and Sharia.

Useful facts and information resources for Dubai

Dubai Offshore Financial Services Sector

Dubai offshore company formation can typically be completed within five working days. A Government minimum annual tax/licence fee of AED 2,000 is payable, also an Annual Return Filing Fee of AED 1,500.


Dubai has become an increasingly popular destination for UK investors. It offers offshore companies zero tax liability, meaning no personal income, capital gains, corporate, inheritance or sales taxes are required to be paid. This makes Dubai an excellent jurisdiction to do business and be profitable.

As part of the United Arab Emirates, it gives investors the option of around 45 tax treaties. These do tend to benefit local businesses by permitting reduced withholding taxes payable on dividends and limited overseas tax.

The UAE is a ‘white list’ member of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) whose mission is to promote policies to improve economic and social wellbeing of people around the world.


There is no requirement to submit accounting or other company records or information and no obligation to hold company meetings in the jurisdiction.


The minimum capital requirement is AED 1,000 and shares must be divided into the local currency, AED dirhams, of AED 1,000 each. There are several classes of shares which enjoy their own distinct rights, privileges, restrictions and conditions. Bearer shares must be enlisted with a Registered Agent, who retains details of the beneficial owners but will not disclose them.


Dubai offshore companies enjoy a high level of privacy. There is no legal requirement to disclose director or shareholder names when registering a company, nor any public record of its officers. There is currently no agreement with other countries for exchange of tax information.


There is a minimum requirement of one director and one shareholder for Dubai offshore company incorporation. However, there is no limit to the number of shareholders permitted. These can also be corporate shareholders. There is also the option to use nominee directors and shareholders if preferred. A registered office and agent in the jurisdiction is permitted under the terms of incorporation.


If the offshore company wishes, it can apply for a licence authorising it to conduct business within the boundaries of the UAE itself.

dubai Offshore

The process of Dubai incorporation is quick and easy, Dubai offshore company formation can typically be completed within five working days.

Additional Products & Services

We also offer a range of complimentry services to assist with incorprating your company in offshore jurisdictions

Nominee Director

A nominee director is a third party, who is officially registered and acts as a Director of a company. This is a perfectly legal device and may be used for various reasons.

Nominee Shareholder

Nominee Shareholders are usually required by clients seeking legitimate confidentiality of ownership. The shares in the company are formally registered in the name of an unrelated third party - a nominee, provided by us.

Mail Forwarding

Clients wishing to give the impression that their company is based in the UK or has a UK office may wish to take advantage of our London based, cost effective solution.

Telephone Answering

Clients wishing to give the impression that their company is based in the UK or has a UK office may wish to take advantage of our London based, cost effective Live Telephone Answering service.

Offshore Bank Accounts

We offer a range of Offshore Banking Options around the globe

ABC Banking Corporation Mauritius
Barclays Bank Mauritius
Belize Bank International
BMI Offshore Bank Seychelles

Caledonian Bank Cayman Islands
FBME Cyprus
HSBC Hong Kong
Loyal Bank St. Vincent & Grenadines

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