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Popular offshore jurisdictions include those listed below. We are, however, equipped to form companies in most jurisdictions throughout the world.

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Additional Products & Services

Listed below are offshore banking and other services available to complement the formation of your offshore company.

Offshore Company Formations

Our offshore company formations services are expertly tailored to suit the needs of our clients. We are specialists in company incorporation, but more than this we have over 30 years’ experience in all elements of offshore businesses. This means that our highly qualified team of company formation agents know every aspect of international services from offshore banking to offshore trusts.

Bank Accounts

Offshore Formations 24.7 specialise in the provision of international banking and have developed key relationships with offshore and international banks in the main offshore jurisdictions.

Our chosen banks uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and take compliance and internationally accepted financial and legal standards seriously. For this reason, you can confidentially choose from our partners’ wide range of financial products, safe in the knowledge that your accounts will be fully legitimate and compliant.

Offshore Formation Services

Our offshore formations services work to get our clients’ companies incorporated within the quickest possible timeframe and in a cost effective manner. Our highly professional team are experts in the major offshore jurisdictions around the globe and have been involved in incorporating over 100,000 companies worldwide.

We have a variety of offshore formation packages that can be set up with our expert team who have an in-depth knowledge of each jurisdiction. Our clients can also benefit from having Offshore Formations 24.7 on hand to advise and set-up their banking, legal and office services to ensure that their offshore company is maintained to the best standard.

Transfer In Service

As market leaders, Offshore Formations 247 are able to take over the administration of existing offshore companies. With a high level of knowledge and expertise in this area, our professional staff will be able to transfer your company in service with discretion and a personalised approach.

Offshore Trusts

Used alongside your offshore company, an offshore trust set up by Offshore Formations 247 can safeguard and protect your assets. Entrusting your assets to a third and neutral parties can encompass most types of asset - from investment portfolios to bank deposits and real and intellectual property.

Office Services

As part of our specialist services, Offshore Formations 24.7 provide a number of key office services that ensure your newly incorporated company is run in the most cost effective way possible. We offer customised administration and secretarial services that include mail forwarding, telephone answering services and virtual offices.

Mail Forwarding

Choosing our professional mail forwarding service will leave you confident in the knowledge that your company mail is in the hands of our dedicated team in London. A cost effective solution, our mail forwarding service ensures that your business takes advantage of a UK office without needing to invest in a permanent office in London.

Your company mail will be sorted and forwarded on to any location at an address you specify, anywhere around the world.

Telephone Answering Service

Clients wishing to have a UK call answering service with a dedicated landline London number can benefit from our efficient, full receptionist based service. Calls are treated with confidentiality in a way that you specify and messages are promptly forwarded to you via email wherever you are in the world.

Virtual Offices

Our philosophy is to make your life hassle-free and for this reason, we offer virtual office spaces in Hong Kong that allow you to run an office without you having overheads, rent and salaries of a permanent office.

Our virtual office in the centre of Hong Kong enables you to work from anywhere in the world while retaining a prestigious corporate presence in a major global business capital. As part of this package, we offer professional call answering, e-fax and meeting room rental services at an annual fixed price.

Looking for legal services including nominee services?

Jersey Offshore Company

Jersey Offshore Company

Incorporate Jersey Offshore Company

(Year 2 Price onwards £2,810.00)

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£2,810.00 Jersey Offshore Company
£2,810.00 Jersey Offshore Company

What's Included:

  • Registered Address and Agent
  • Company Secretarial Maintenance
  • Government fees
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Appointment of First Directors
  • Consent Actions of the Board of Directors
  • Share Certificates
  • Register of Directors and Members
  • Company Seal

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What Happens Next?

Once your payment has been processed successfully, we will contact you within 24 hours to complete all the necessary incorporation documents. Time to incorporate varies dependent on your chosen jurisdiction.

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Key Offshore Company Features & Benefits

  • The minimum number of directors required by law is one; they may be natural persons of any nationality and need not be resident in Jersey
  • The minimum number of shareholders is one. Details of shareholders are available to the general public
  • A company secretary is required who can be a natural person or body corporate. Can be of any nationality and need not be resident in Jersey
  • The beneficial ownership of all Jersey companies is disclosed to the Jersey Financial Services Commission at the time of incorporation
  • Whilst there is no requirement to file audited financial statements with the authorities, it is important to note that a company is required to keep financial records, which reflect the financial position of a company
  • It is required to file annual return by 28th February each year
  • All companies incorporated or becoming first resident from 3rd June 2008 Jersey have a corporate income tax of 0% unless they are financial services entities, utility companies or rental and property development companies
  • Jersey is in a stable region under the protection of the United Kingdom, making it a highly desirable jurisdiction
  • It takes approximately 10 – 14 days to incorporate a new company, subject to name approval and compliance with the strict regulations governing the incorporation of Jersey companies
Jersey Offshore Company

Our Services – Offshore Company Formation, Nominee Director, Nominee Shareholder, Mail forwarding and Bank Accounts

Offshore Formations 247 specialize in Jersey company formations ranging from simple company registrations to complex structures including offshore Trusts and in providing a very comprehensive assortment of administrative services to Jersey companies, including the provision of Nominee Director, Nominee Shareholder, Mail Forwarding and Bank Account services. We are also able to offer a 'transfer in' service whereby we can take over the management of your existing Jersey Offshore Company, often for no cost at all.

Our specialist Jersey company formation and company registration team:

  • Retains well-established affiliations with local company agents in Jersey
  • Maintains an experienced staff with knowledge of legal requirements for company formation in Jersey
  • Guarantees that all company filing fees and documents are up-to-date and notifies clients of all Jersey compliance changes
  • Please note that we use a Jersey FSC licensed fiduciary agent for the provision of any regulated functions performed in Jersey

Call our specialist Jersey offshore company formation team FREE on 0808 168 3676. If you are calling from outside the UK, please call us on 0044 (0) 208 492 6388

Offshore Formation Background in Jersey Offshore Company

Jersey is another self-governing British Crown dependency and is famous for its tax-haven status and has negotiated a special association with the EEC, which recognises, preserves and guarantees is fiscal autonomy, thereby ensuring the EEC policies on domestic taxation are not payable. Apart from having no capital gains tax, there is also no inheritance tax but 3% Goods & Services Tax (GST) in Jersey. The main tax that residents have to pay is income tax, which is set at a flat rate of 20%. Jersey offers an attractive offshore company regime. The island changed to a 0/10 system, which means that is has a 0% corporation tax rates, except for finance companies which pay 10%.

The island is beneficial as a trust jurisdiction. The main benefit is that when the beneficiaries of a trust are non-resident, there is no local tax charged on foreign income and local bank interest. This makes Jersey trusts popular with UK residents. The lack of double tax treaties reduces the attractiveness of the island as a holding company destination. However, if you’re looking to avoid capital gains tax or just reduce income tax, Jersey would be a good choice.

The Island has agreed to implement the OECD Exchange of Information treaty and has signed an agreement with the UK. This allows HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to ask for the bank account details of any company that could be liable for income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax or VAT in the UK.


Offshore Tax Information in Jersey Offshore Company

Jersey Companies and their Tax Liability

Jersey applies a 0/10 tax system for companies has from 2009. This was achieved by introducing a standard rate of corporate income tax of 0% and a special rate of 10% for specified financial services companies into the Island’s existing schedular tax system. Utility companies, rental income and property development profits continue to be charged at the standard rate of income tax of 20%.

All companies resident for tax purposes in Jersey prior to June 3, 2008, switched to a tax rate of either 0% or 10% for the year of assessment 2009 onwards. However, a company that became resident for tax purposes in the Island on or after June 3, 2008, was taxed at either a 0% or a 10% rate immediately. Companies have been unable to elect for exempt company status from this date.

Jersey Offshore Company Banking

Offshore Formations 247 can incorporate Jersey offshore companies with a choice of offshore bank accounts at the time of formation. We work closely with a number of banks, including HSBC, and FBME in Cyprus. Combining the two saves time and couldn’t be simpler.

Jersey Company Formation / Registration

Offshore Formations 247 are able to incorporate a Jersey offshore company. Company formation normally takes 1 working day to register.

Jersey Offshore Company Anonymity and Disclosure

The identity of the beneficial owners of a Jersey company may remain confidential if corporate shareholders are engaged to act as the shareholder on behalf of the ultimate beneficial owners. This confidentiality is maintained as long as the company and its ultimate beneficial owners are not involved in any criminal activity. Offshore Formations 247 can supply the use of our corporate shareholders for this very purpose. Similarly, the register of Directors within Jersey is also publicly accessible and so if anonymity is required, Offshore Formations 247 can supply the use of Nominee Directors.

Jersey companies are required to produce accounts for each financial year although these are not filed with any external bodies. Companies can obtain exemption from the requirement to have their accounts audited providing that they satisfy tests relating to net turnover, net balance sheet and the average number of employees.

Corporate & Legal Information in Jersey Offshore Company


Type of entity Resident
Type of law Common
Shelf company availability No
Our time to establish a new company 10 - 14 days
Corporate Taxation 0% - 10%
Double taxation treaty access No


Standard currency GBP
Permitted currencies Any
Minimum paid up £1
Usual authorised £10,000


Minimum number 1
Local required No
Publicly accessible records No
Location of meetings Anywhere


Minimum number 1
Publicly accessible records Yes
Location of meetings Anywhere


Required Yes
Local or qualified No


Requirement to prepare Yes
Audit requirements No
Requirement to file accounts No
Publicly accessible accounts No


Requirement to file annual return Yes
Change in domicile permitted Yes
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