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Some Benefits of Offshore Formation

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tax Savings – tax is a major issue for businesses in the UK.  Tax bills can really eat into profits and inflate overheads.  However if you set up your company offshore you could benefit from significant tax savings.  Many jurisdictions offer very low tax rates or even tax exemption.  Just think of how much money you could save on your company overheads and personal income as a director by slashing your tax bill costs annually.

Anonymity – one of the problems with setting up a new company in the UK is that the directors will need to be declared to authorities such as Companies House.  This means your competitors can keep a check on your business activities.  One key advantage of offshore formation is that you can nominate third party directors.  This enables you to keep your anonymity and ensure your business dealings are kept private.

Fast Registration – many countries encourage overseas investment by offering lenient set up procedures.  This means you will be able to register offshore companies very quickly and easily in some cases.  If you are looking to register your business immediately then with online offshore formation you could set up and register a brand new company in under 24 hours.

As part of the CompanyFormations247 Group, OffshoreFormations24.7 are a highly respected and experienced company formation agent, having incorporated in excess of 100,000 companies in all the major jurisdictions across the globe. If you looking for assistance with setting up an offshore formation then our highly professional team have an in-depth knowledge of each jurisdiction and have been successfully helping customers create and manage offshore companies for over 25 years.

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